Weightlifting News Show featuring Lu Xiaojun, Tian Tao, and many world records

Lu Xiaojun & Tian Tao Powers, & Huge WR Jerks | WL News Show...

This week we saw multiple unofficial world record jerks, as well as a 146kg unofficial WR snatch by 61kg He Yueji.
Meso Hassona interview about Kianoush Rostami, Tian Tao, and the Olympics

Meso Hassona Interview | His Rivalry with Tian Tao, and Going 190/240 at the...

Meso Hassona (96 QAT) is one of the fastest improving and most successful weightlifters alive. After setting a Jr World Record in...
Weightlifting News Show

Li Dayin’s 215, & WADA Warns the IWF | WL News (Video)

After three years of weekly podcast updates on all things Weightlifting, this is the first Weightlifting News Show to hit YouTube, complete...
Wes Kitts and Jake Baker on the Weightlifting House Podcast

Wes Kitts & Jake Baker | Olympic Dreams and Training Partner Goals at Cal...

2x Pan American Champion, Wes Kitts, joined us once again along with his teammate and the new guy on the block, Jake...
Lasha Talakhadze and Lu Xiaojun at the 2019 World Championships training hall

Inside The Weightlifting World Championships Training Hall | Day 1

This is part one in the new Weightlifting House YouTube series where we take you into the most competitive, most elite training...
Weightlifting Myth Busting with Sam Spinelli

Busting Squat Myths with Dr. Sam Spinelli

Dr. Sam Spinelli is a doctor of physical therapy and an S&C coach. In this episode of the...

WADA to Investigate IWF Anti-doping Corruption

The World Anti-Doping Agency has announced that it will be investigating alleged interference with anti-doping at the IWF, following evidence being supplied...
Tamas Ajan Corruption Allegations IWF

McLaren Report – Full Details

The McLaren report into corruption at the IWF was released yesterday. We have now had a chance to read it fully. Here...
Russia Flag

New Positive Tests for Russian Athletes

Three Russian weightlifters, who were already under investigation for doping, have tested positive for banned drugs according to the IWF.
IWF President Dr. Tamas Ajan investigated on claims of corruption

McLaren Report on Corruption in Weightlifting Released

The 122-page report by Richard McLaren has been released and is available here. The very first part of the...
Ilya Ilyin Biggest Lifts, PEDs, and the Corruption in the IWF

Ilya Ilyin on Drugs in Sports, and the Corruption of the IWF

Not long before Ilya Ilyin announced his retirement from the sport of weightlifting due to the complications of Olympic qualification brought on...