1998 – 2018 Weightlifting World Records – Men

This is a list of the men’s senior world records in the sport of Weightlifting between the years of 1998 and 2018. All world records from the previous era that spanned from 1993 to 1997 were nullified for the 1998 restructuring off the weight classes.

Linked to each world record is a video of the lift as well as the athlete’s Instagram page or Wikipedia page.

Current World Records

  • Men
  • Women

Men’s 56 kg

Snatch139 kgWu JingbaioCHN21.11.2015, Houston(watch)
Clean & Jerk171 kgOm Yun-cholDPRK21.11.2015, Houston(watch)
Total307 kgLong QingquanCHN07.08.2016, Rio(watch)

Men’s 62 kg

Snatch154 kgKim Un-gukDPRK21.09.2014, Incheon(watch)
Clean & Jerk183 kgChen LijunCHN22.11.2015, Houston(watch)
Total333 kgChen LijunCHN22.11.2105, Houston(watch)

Men’s 69 kg

Snatch166 kgLiao HuiCHN10.11.2014, Almaty(watch)
Clean & Jerk198 kgLiao HuiCHN23.10.2013, Wroclaw(watch)
Total359 kgLiao HuiCHN10.11.2014, Almaty(watch)

Men’s 77 kg

Snatch177 kgLü XiaojunCHN10.08.2016, Rio(watch)
Clean & Jerk214 kgNijat RahimovKAZ10.08.2016, Rio(watch)
Total380 kgLü XiaojunCHN24.10.2013, Wroclaw(watch)

Men’s 85 kg

Snatch187 kgAndrei RybakouBLR22.09.2007, Chiang Mai(watch)
Clean & Jerk220 kgKianoush RostamiIRI31.05.2016, Tehran(watch)
Total396 kgKianoush RostamiIRI12.08.2016, Rio(watch)

Men’s 94 kg

Snatch189 kgSohrab MoradiIRI25.08.2018, Jakarta(watch)
Clean & Jerk233 kgSohrab MoradiIRI03.12.2017, Anaheim(watch)
Total417 kgSohrab MoradiIRI03.12.2017, Anaheim(watch)

Men’s 105 kg

Snatch200 kgAndrei AramnauBLR18.08.2008, Beijing(watch)
Clean & Jerk246 kgIlya IlyinKAZ12.12.2015, Grozny(watch)
Total437 kgIlya IlyinKAZ12.12.2015, Grozny(watch)

Men’s +105 kg

Snatch220 kgLasha TalakhadzeGEO05.12.2017, Anaheim(watch)
Clean & Jerk263 kgHossein RezazadehIRI25.08.2004, Athens(watch)
Total477 kgLasha TalakhadzeGEO05.12.2017, Anaheim(watch)

Women’s 48 kg

Snatch98 kgYang LianCHN01.10.2006, Santo Domingo(watch)
Clean & Jerk121 kgNurcan TaylanTUR17.09.2010, Antalya(watch)
Total217 kgYang LianCHN01.10.2006, Santo Domingo(watch)

Women’s 53 kg

Snatch103 kgLi PingCHN14.11.2010, Guangzhou(watch)
Clean & Jerk134 kgZulfiya Chinshanlo KAZ10.11.2014, Almaty(watch)
Total233 kgHsu Shu-chingTPE21.09.2014, Incheon(watch)

Women’s 58 kg

Snatch112 kgBoyanka KostovaAZE23.11.2015, Houston(watch)
Clean & Jerk142 kgKuo Hsing-chunTPE21.08.2017, Taipei(watch)
Total252 kgBoyanka KostovaAZE23.11.2015, Houston(watch)

Women’s 63 kg

Snatch117 kgSvetlana TsarukayevaRUS08.11.2011, Paris(watch)
Clean & Jerk147 kgDeng WeiCHN09.08.2016, Rio(watch)
Total262 kgDeng WeiCHN09.08.2016, Rio(watch)

Women’s 69 kg

Snatch123 kgOksana SlivenkoRUS04.10.2006, Santo Domingo(watch)
Clean & Jerk157 kgZarema KasayevaRUS13.11.2005, Doha(watch)
Total276 kgOksana Slivenko RUS24.09.2007, Chiang Mai(watch)

Women’s 75 kg

Snatch135 kgNatalia ZabolotnayaRUS17.12.2011, Belgorod(watch)
Clean & Jerk164 kgKim Un-juDPRK25.09.2014, Incheon(watch)
Total296 kgNatalia ZabolotnayaRUS17.12.2011, Belgorod(watch)

Women’s 90 kg

Snatch130 kgViktoriya ShaymardanovaUKR21.08.2004, Athens(watch)
Clean & Jerk160 kgHripsime KhurshudyanARM25.09.2010, Antalya(watch)
Total283 kgHripsime Khurshudyan ARM25.09.2010, Antalya(watch)

Women’s +90 kg

Snatch155 kgTatiana KashirinaRUS16.11.2014, Almaty(watch)
Clean & Jerk193 kgTatiana KashirinaRUS16.11.2014, Almaty (watch)
Total348 kgTatiana Kashirina RUS16.11.2014, Almaty (watch)