Qualification Procedures & Robi Points | w/ Dan Kent

Understand the entire Qualification & Robi System in this incredible episode. Read Below.
Previous system:
 Team points from two world championships and one continental champs
 Some (8m + 8f) individual places for high ranked athletes who would not otherwise
be able to go

Why a new system?
 Antidoping
 Weight classes – mismatch between Olympics and IWF competitions

Overall view of new system:
It is fairly complex. Easy to tell who will definitely qualify but hard to know when borderline
athletes definitely won’t.

How many places are available in each weight class?
 8 for top world-ranked athletes
 5 for top continent-ranked athletes
 1 either from host country (Japan) or decided by Tripartite Commission (IOC, NOCs
and IWF)

How are athletes ranked?
 Robi – Replacement for Sinclair. World record worth 1000. Half of world record
worth 100. Everything else on a curve.
 Total at IWF-sanctioned competition is sued to calculate Robi Points
 10% extra for Gold-level comp (Worlds, Continentals)
 5% extra for Silver-level comp (e.g. World Cup)
 No bonus for Bronze-level comp (e.g. Las Vegas Open)
 IWF Junior competitions count!
 Types of competition are shown on the IWF comp calendar as coloured icons

Other Requirements
 Six competitions within qualifying (Nov 2018 – April 2020)
 Minimum one gold level, plus one gold or silver
 One event within each of three six-month qualifying periods
 Two totals in the class they want to compete in at Olympics

 One athlete per nation per category
 Limit on overall athletes per nation based on antidoping violations since 2008:
o Less than 10 is 4 male, 4 female
o 10 – 20 is 2 male, 2 female
o More than 20 is 1 male 1 female

 Already impacted:
o Down to 1m 1f spot: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia,
and Belarus
o Down to 2m 2 f spots: Albania, Bulgaria, India, Iran, Moldova,
Romania, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan

 3 Violations within qualifying period – nation out completely

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