CJ Cummings (USA 73) Snatches 130kg/286lb x 5

18 year old Clarence Cummings Jr just snatched 130kg for a set of 5 in training to round out a successful 2018.

The two time Youth and three time Junior World Champion has steadily increased the Senior American Record snatch single-handedly from 140kg, set by American Record holder Alex Lee, in the 69kg class up to 148kg (pictured above) in the 73kg class. This set of 5 at 130kg (~88%) is a big step up from the clean and jerk expert from years past.

CJ Cummings is the 73 kg junior world record holder in the clean and jerk and the total (187/335 kg at the 2018 World Championships). He is also a youth world record holder in the clean and jerk in the older 69 kg weight class (185 kg at the 2017 Youth World Championships). CJ broke his first senior American record at fourteen – a 153 kg clean and jerk in the 62 kg class – and has gone on to break and set many more. He is a three-time junior world champion (2016–2018) and a senior Pan American silver medalist (2017).

CJ Cummings trains at Team Beaufort Weightlifting under Team USA Senior International Coach Ray Jones.

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