Liu JiaWen (89kg) 175kg Block Snatch

Chinese Fall National Champion Liu Jiawen hits his heaviest snatch on video ever in training, and he does it off the blocks.

Liu Jiawen made a 175kg block snatch from above the knee in training, even going on to attempt and narrowly miss an attempt at 180kg just minutes later. Liu’s training appears to be going well as he makes a case as China’s international representative for the 89kg class. At the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships China did not send an athlete to compete in the 89kg, 102kg, or +109kg classes, though all other classes were represented by at least 1 lifter. The winning snatch from the WWC 2018 in the 89kg class was 169kg by Arley Perez Mendez (CHI), 6kg below this block snatch. Liu is looking stronger than ever as he also made a 210kg rack jerk earlier this year, and so as long as he turns up to an official IWF event during this 6 month period he can continue to make a case for his spot in the Tokyo Olympics.

Liu Jiawen was born in 1996 and trains in GuangDong. He is the 2016 IWF Junior World 85kg Champion (165/200), the 2018 Chinese Fall 89kg National Champion (163/196), and the 2016 Chinese Nationals/Olympic Trials silver medalist (170/201).

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