Vasily Polovnikov 151kg Muscle Snatch

Vasily Polovnikov just muscle snatched what I believe is the heaviest muscle snatch ever recorded at 151kg! Not only is this an unbelievable accomplishment, it comes from a non super-heavyweight. In fact Vasily used to compete for Russia as an 85kg lifter. Vasily’s previous best muscle snatch was 150kg which he hit for 4 singles. His goal to hit 160kg in the muscle snatch is still in full effect, and with the way his pulling strength is coming along (he just deadlifted 388kg/855lbs) he may well hit it.

The other heaviest muscle snatches on film can be found below.

Vasily Polovnikov is an ex-Russian weightlifter and is the 2008 European 85kg silver medalist. He still holds the Russian 94kg weight class national record clean and jerk of 226kg which he set back in 2009. Before the 2008 Olympics where he prepared as an 85kg weightlifter Vasily claims to have been capable of a 177kg snatch and a 212kg clean and jerk. His best ever training lifts as a 105kg lifter were a 200kg snatch and a 235kg clean and jerk.

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