Boady Santavy (96) 191kg /420lbs Power Clean & Power Jerk

Canada’s no.1 weightlifter Boady Santavy hit a 191kg power clean & power jerk for a personal best in training this week. Boady said that he attempted the lift in order to beat his friend Meso Hassona who hit this 190kg power clean & push jerk last December. Boady placed 7th at the 2018 WWC where he set two Senior Canadian Records with a 175kg snatch and a 208kg clean & jerk.

Boady Santavy is the senior Canadian Record holder in the snatch and the clean & jerk. He placed 7th at the 2018 WWC (175/208/383 @96kg), 6th at the 2017 WWC (165/201/366 at 94kg), and took silver at the 2018 Commonwealth games (168/201/369 at 94kg) setting a Games Record in the snatch.

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