Finish national weightlifting champion Milko Tokola with a PR jerk as well as heavy deadlifts for the Olympian and IWF competitor.

Milko Tokola 200kg Jerk 1 Year After Retirement

The Finnish 85kg weightlifter once known for his aggression and on stage antics just jerked an all time personal best of 200kg after 364 days of ‘retirement’. The Finnish record holder mentioned on this post that he was done with the sport due to the lack of respect and support that he faced as a professional athlete. He mentioned that he would go back to the gym and come back ‘even stronger and faster than ever!’ He wasn’t wrong…

This 200kg rack jerk is 14kg heavier than the Finnish 85kg clean & jerk record and 17kg heavier than his competition best of 183kg. Perhaps more impressive is the fact that his body weight is sitting at around 87kg, the same as his former off-season body weight as an 85kg athlete. His strength in other areas has been improving too as you can see by comparing his deadlift progress. The first seen here at 292.5kg from May 2017, the next from July 2017 at 300kg seen here, then 312.5kg from May 4th 2018 seen here, and then most recently with 320kg.


Milko Tokola is the 85kg Finnish record holder in the snatch and total with 152kg and 335kg respectively. He is a national champion, a two time World Championships competitor, a 6 time European Championships competitor, and a 2016 Olympian. His best competition lifts are 152kg in the snatch and 183kg in the clean & jerk, though he has lifted 155kg and 185kg in training.

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