Irish Weightlifter Clarence Kennedy back squats 306kg ATG with a pause without a belt or knee sleeves ATG

Clarence Kennedy 306kg Pause Back Squat RAW

The Irish ‘Harry Squatter’ hit a PR back squat at 306kg without sleeves or a belt. Clarence started squatting with a pause several years ago after developing knee pain back in 2012. After several interventions including a cortisol shot and an anesthetic injection Clarence underwent surgery (learn more about that here). Since then he has developed a formidable back squat, predominantly built upon a 5×5 rep scheme, something he does several times a week. To learn more about Clarence’s squatting just click here.

Clarence Kennedy competed at the 2012 and 2013 Junior European Championships placing 2nd in 2013 with a 148/180/328kg performance, taking home silvers in both lifts and the total. Clarence is also the Irish Senior record holder in the 94kg class with a snatch of 152kg, a clean & jerk of 190kg, and a total of 340kg. Clarence hasn’t competed internationally since but continues to train at a very high level. You can follow him on YouTube here to see his biggest lifts, lifts that include a 186kg snatch, a 220kg clean & jerk, and a 225kg clean.

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