World Weightlifting Championships medalist and American record holder Mattie Rogers (71 kg) hang power cleans 110 kg for a double.

Mattie Rogers (71 kg) 110 kg Hang Power Clean Double

2017 World Championships bronze medalist Mattie Rogers just hit a 110 kg hang power clean double in training last week. The last time we saw Mattie compete was at the 2018 World Championships in Ashgabat last November where she took 5th place with a 5 for 6 105/133/238 kg performance.

Mattie has described this movement as her weakest variation of the lift and so to make 83% of her clean and jerk is extremely impressive. Also worthy of note is the use of straps, something that you don’t see in most weightlifting gyms on the clean, in part due to this incredible video. Mattie is of course an elite professional, and so in the words of the late Ivan Abadjiev, ‘Is not a problem.’

Mattie Rogers is the 69 kg American record holder in the snatch (106 kg), clean and jerk (134 kg), and total (239 kg). Despite being the number 1 ranked female weightlifter by Sinclair in the USA at the 2016 Olympic trials and receiving the award for ‘best overall lifter’ Mattie did not make the Olympic team as she was less likely to place as highly as the 3 chosen women. She went on to podium at the 2017 Weightlifting World Championships taking the bronze medal (104/131/235 kg at 69 kg), and placed 5th at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships (105/133/238 kg at 71 kg). Early on in her career she also competed at the 2015 Weightlifting World Championships where she placed 14th (100/126/226 kg at 69 kg). Mattie is a 2 time national champion in 2016 and 2017. She took the silver medal at the 2017 (100/133/233 kg at 69 kg) and the 2018 Pan American Championships (99/130/229 kg at 69 kg).

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