Youth world record holder and senior American record holder Harrison Maurus snatch balances 190 kg as an 81 kg lifter.

Harrison Maurus (81 kg) Snatch Balances 190 kg

18 year old Harrison Maurus just hit a snatch balance 33 kg heavier than his competition snatch with an enormous 190 kg lift. With a training best snatch of 160 kg this lift goes to show that Harrison certainly has a real reserve of over head strength. Harrison recently also just hit a 205 kg squat jerk, further proving his strength, mobility, and stability. We can now add a 2.3 x body weight snatch balance to Harrisons staggering list of strength feats.

Harrison is the number one ranked weightlifter in the USA with 904 Robi points, 23 points above the second highest ranked weightlifter CJ Cummings, both juniors. According to Coach Simons, Harrison’s next competition might be the 2019 USA Junior Nationals in February.

Harrison is the Youth World Record holder in the clean and jerk in the older 77 kg class with 193 kg which he hit in Anaheim at the 2017 WWC where he also placed 3rd overall in the total (155/193/348). Harrison placed 6th at the 2018 WWC (157/200/357) setting the senior American clean and jerk and total record along the way.

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