17 year old weightlifter Enzo Kuworge snatches a personal best 166 kg and back squats a personal best of 300 kg.

17 y/o Enzo Kuworge (DE +109 kg) Snatches 166 kg & Squats 300 kg

The young Dutch giant Enzo Kuworge just hit a personal best in the snatch of 166 kg in a national competition. Though stronger off blocks having hit 175 kg last December, Enzo is enormously talented with lots of time to improve more. Just four days later Enzo went on to hit another personal best, this time in the back squat, with a milestone 300 kg / 661 lb.

Though still just 17 Enzo can no longer set youth world records as he must be 17 years old throughout the entire calendar year in which the record is set. The current youth world standards are set at 162 / 196 / 352 kg, several kilos below Enzo’s best.


Enzo Kuworge, born 31st of August 2001, is a Dutch weightlifter in the +109 kg class. He is the a 2016 U15 European silver medalist, the 2017 U17 European bronze medalist, the 2018 U17 European silver medalist, and the 2018 Youth Olympic Games bronze medalist. At 6 ft 5″ (195 cm) and weighing around 140 kg Enzo is one jacked teenager!

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