Malaysia Faces Suspension from Weightlifting

The IWF has confirmed four-year suspensions for three Malaysian weightlifters following failed tests in 2018. This means Malaysia is likely to be suspended completely from weightlifting for having three anti-doping violations in a year. The suspension could last up to four years.

All three athletes tested positive for Stanozolol in tests on samples taken at the Malaysian national team base in March 2018.

A suspension for Malaysia would put their athletes out of contention for qualification to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, as they will be unable to complete the required qualification competitions.

Even if a country suspension is not enforced, these violations would take Malaysia to ten since 2008, giving them a maximum Olympic team of two men and two women.

While Malaysia was not in serious contention for Olympic placings, a lengthy country suspension would prevent them competing at the 2022 Commonwealth games, where they would expect to achieve more.

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