Chinese Weightlifter Deng Wei hits 3 new world records at the IWF World Cup

Deng Wei (CN-64) Three World Records

2016 Olympic champion and four time world champion from China Deng Wei just set all new world records at the IWF World Cup. Wei, who has recently moved from her old 63 kg class to the new 64 kg class, went home with all gold medals and world records with a 113 / 141 / 254 kg performance. Her performance was absolutely dominant, 19 kg and 22 kg above PRK competitors Rim Un Sim and Kim Hyo Sim respectively.

Oh… and she did it in 4 lifts, passing on both of her 3rd attempts!


Deng Wei (02/14/93) is a 64 kg Chinese weightlifter though has won internationally in the 58 kg and 63 kg classes also. Deng Wei is undoubtedly one of the most dominant female weightlifters of all time.

Wei became an Olympic Champion in 2016 where she hit her all time highest total of 262 kg made up of a 115 kg snatch and a 147 kg clean and jerk – three world records. Wei is a 4 time world champion, winning in 2010, 2014, 2015 and 2018. As well as this she is youth world champion, a junior world champion, and a youth Olympic champion.

Throughout her career Deng Wei has won 19 international gold medals and set 15 world records.

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