Chinese Weightlifter Li Dayin snatches 171 kg and clean and jerks 204 kg for a world record total.

Li Dayin (CN-81) Hits New World Records On Way to Win

The 21 year old Li Dayin just beat teammate Lu Xiaojun’s world record total of 374 kg by a kilo with a 171 / 204 / 375 kg performance at the 2019 IWF World Cup. The young Dayin set a new junior world record in the snatch, furthering his own record by 3 kg, before equaling his gold medal winning clean and jerk from the 2018 World Championships of 204 kg, enough to set his first ever senior world record, a 375 kg total!

The current world standard for the clean and jerk in the 81 kg class is 206 kg, just 2 kg more than he has hit. Despite being 5 kg under teammate Lu Xiaojun’s previous 77 kg total record of 380 kg, it seems likely that Dayin will exceed those numbers during his career and hopefully make his mark as one of the most dominant Chinese weightlifters ever… a lofty but achievable goal for the youngster.

Li Dayin went 5 for 6 missing just his 2nd attempt snatch.
163 / 168X / 171 kg, 195 / 200 / 204 kg.

Li Dayin sits alongside lifters like Shi Zhiyong as part of the new wave of Chinese phenoms. The older guard lifters seem to be phasing out slowly, providing us with an exciting showdown between Li Dayin and Lu Xiaojun for the 2020 Olympics… Only one can make it.


Li Dayin, born 12th Feb 1998, is a Chinese 81 kg weightlifter. at just 21 years of age Li Dayin has already shown himself to be leading the race in the competitive 81 kg class for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. His debut senior world championships in 2018 was sensational, in which he took home 3 medals including the gold medal clean and jerk and all three junior world records. He snatched 168 kg and clean and jerked 204 kg. Months later at the 2019 IWF World Cup Dayin went on to snatch 171 kg and equal his best of 204 kg in the clean and jerk for a senior world record 375 kg total. At the 2018 Autumn nationals Li Dayin snatched 171 kg also and clean and jerked 201 kg.

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