Tatiana Kashirina Defeated for First Time Since 2012

Russian super-heavyweight Tatiana Kashirina has had the run of the category for over half a decade but at the IWF World Cup in Fuzhou, she was beaten by not one but two Chinese athletes.

Meng Suping took the win 140/185 for a 325 kg total while teenager Li Wenwen picked up silver with 142/182 for a 324 kg total. Kashirina had snatched 145 but fell away in the clean and jerk, only managing 178 kg.

Chinese head coach Zhang Guozheng does not think Kashirina’s defeat means much though, saying “Our victory proves nothing as Kashirina was not at her best”.

Full results from the World Cup are available on our page for the event.

Tatiana Kashirina at the 2018 World Championhships. Photo – LiftingLife/Tim Scott

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