Romanian weightlifter Toma Loredana snatches 100 kg for a set of 3

Loredana Toma (rou -64) 100 kg Snatch Triple

2017 World Champion Toma Loredana made a triple in the snatch at 100 kg in training last week. The 23 year old, who has a competition best snatch of 110 kg, has been pushing strength work in training since placing 5th at the 2018 World Championships, making a 165 kg front squat and a 200 kg back squat.
This snatch triple is a fraction over 90% of her best single.

Loredana Toma is the 2017 World Champion in the 64kg class (109/ 128/ 237 kg). She is a two time European Champion: 2017 (100/ 126/ 226 kg at 63 kg), and 2018 (105/ 131/ 236 kg at 63 kg). She also placed silver in the total at the European Championships twice in 2013 and 2014.

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