2019 Fajr Cup in Tehran - Weightlifting Olympic Qualification

Fajr Cup – Results & Footage

*The Schedule and Start List for the Fajr Cup can be found here*

The 4th international Fajr Cup 2019 runs from 1st – 5th of March. The Fajr Cup is a silver-level Olympic qualification event with a 5% Robi point bonus (see our Olympic qualification guide for why this matters)

As with many international cup level competitions results are hard to come by. Weightlifting House is working alongside Iran Weightlifting to help release results as quickly as possible.

Below are the current results for the 4th International Fajr Cup in Tehran, Iran.


-61 kg weight class – group A

AthleteYOBCountry1st 2nd 3rdResult1st2nd3rdResultTotalPosition
MAU Jon Luke1999DE1131181231181481531561562741st
TOPTAS Caner2001TUR1061141181141251301351352492nd
AJARMEH Hamzeh2002JOR66717474788386861603rd

-67 kg weight class – group A

ZUBYDI Mohammed1996IRQ1241301301241561561561562801st
NEMER Zaid2002JOR76808787961061121121992nd

-73 kg weight class – group A

DUMITRASCU Paul2000ROU1301341361361701721761763121st
OZBEK Mohammed Furkan2001TUR1331351361361651721741743092nd
LAFI Waleed2002JOR951031071031201281331332363rd
ISMAYILOV Daniyar1992TUR150154157154175175175
ATABAYEV Guvanch1994TKM133133134160160170160

-81 kg weight class – group A

AthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotalPosition
MULLER Nico1993DE1571963551st
RITVARS Suharevs1999LV1601853452nd
ALIUMAILI Safaa1990IRQ1521903423rd
LANG Max1992DE1531853384th
JAVADI Mir Mostafa1995IRI1501813315th
ALHUSSEIN Ahmed1990 IRQ1461813276th
SHOHRADOV Shatlyk2000TKM1441693137th

-96 kg weight class – group A

*Sohrab Moradi weighed in but did not compete, thereby fulfilling one of the six mandatory competitions needed for Tokyo 2020. He awaits spinal surgery*

ROSTAMI Kianoush1992IRI1611721722002102202203921st
VADIMS Kozevnikovs1994LV1511561601601962022022023622nd
SPIEB Jurgen1984DE1531571601601881952001953553rd
MEREDOV Izzatbek1996TKM1451451501501811871871813314th
SERDAROV Azat1999TKM1351361391391701751801753145th
ABOUDI Khaled2000JOR1331331401331601681711713046th
HAFIJUR Rahman1991BGD1101151161101301351381382487th
MORADI Sohrab1988IRI

-109 kg weight class – group A

HASHEMI Ali1995IRI1751801821822152222322224041st
GHADAMI Kia1991IRI1731781781732112312352314042nd
ARTURS Plesnieks1992LV1721771811812152222322224033rd
FISCHER David1998AUT1631681721682022102102023704th
ELVAN Resul1989TUR1501551601601952002072073675th
HOFMANN Matthaus1994DE1601651681681881931981983666th
SALWAN Jasim Abbood1991IRQ

+109 kg weight class – group A

*Ali Davoudi (IRI +109 kg) hit a junior world record clean and jerk of 231 kg

DAVOUDI Ali1999IRI190200200190231*2402422314211st
SOLEYMANI Alireza1996IRI1701751751702052122172123822nd
ALDARRAJI Mohammed1998IRQ1501571621621901952001953573rd

Footage – Highlights

Kianoush Rostami (IRI -96 kg) snatches 172 kg on his 2nd attempt, passing on his 3rd.

Kianoush Rostami (IRI -96 kg) clean and jerks 200/210/220, his first ever international 3 for 3 performance.

Ali Hashemi (IRI -109 kg) Snatches 182 kg and clean and jerks 222 kg, equaling his best international total.

Kia Ghadami (-109 kg) snatches 173 kg and clean and jerks 231 kg for a 404 kg total

Daniyar Ismayilov (TUR -73 kg) – snatch 150, 154, 157


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