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Kianoush Rostami (IRI -96 kg) Wins Fajr Cup With First Ever 3 for 3 Performance in Clean and Jerk (172 kg 220 kg)

Weightlifting legend Kianoush Rostami competed this week at the 4th International Fajr Cup just three weeks after competing at the EGAT Cup.

The Olympic and world champion opened the snatch with a low 161 kg lift before jumping to and making 172 kg on his second attempt, passing on his 3rd. This also happened to be the 11th international competition in which Rostami has snatched 170 kg or more, his best ever at 179 kg from the Rio Olympics 2019.
Just weeks prior we saw Rostami attempt the world record 187 kg twice after making his 160 kg opener.

In the clean and jerk Rostami went three for three, making 200 kg, 210 kg, and 220 kg, his first ever time making all 3 lifts in competition! Considering he was unable to even rack 220 kg in the clean and jerk three weeks ago this was a very successful showing for him; his 3rd highest total ever, albeit now as a heavier -96 kg weightlifter (he was previously in the -85 kg class)

Kianoush Rostami has a habit of making 220 kg at the Fajr Cup, making it as an -85 kg weightlifter for a new world record back in 2016 just months before becoming Olympic champion.


Kianoush Rostami, born 23rd July 1991, is an Iranian -85 kg weightlifter (2011 – 2018) and a -96 kg (2018 – present). Rostami is the 2016 Rio Olympic champion in the -85 kg weight class where he snatched 179 kg and clean and jerked 217 kg for a world record total of 396 kg. At the 2012 London Olympics Rostami placed 2nd in the -85 kg class behind Adrian Zieliล„ski (POL).

Rostami has won 11 medals at the world championships between 2010 and 2017 becoming world champion in 2011 and 2014 where he went 173/ 209/ 382 kg and 178/ 213/ 391 kg respectively.

As a junior weightlifter Kianoush Rostami won the World Junior Championships in 2010 and 2011.

Kianoush Rostami is the world record holder in the clean and jerk and total (220/ 396 kg) in the -85 kg class, and holds the 44th highest Sinclair of all time for his performance at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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