Video Replays and Challenges for Youth World Championships

The IWF Youth World Championships 2019 will see the first use of video replay technology by juries to adjudicate lifts.

Under changes to the IWF rules for 2019, juries will have access to instant replays from at least four cameras, which they will be able to use to decide whether or not a lift was valid.

The video review process will be initiated either by the jury themselves or by an athlete or their team using a ‘challenge card’. Each athlete will have one card. If their challenge is successful, they will retain the card.

The challenge system is likely to be the more controversial of the changes. Up until now, there has been no appeal against referee decisions.

3 thoughts on “Video Replays and Challenges for Youth World Championships”

    1. I noticed that the first lifter to take a clean and jerk in the 67kg class used the challenge due to a red lighted lift (press out). It was upheld, but interesting to see it come into play.

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