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Results: IWF Youth World Championships 2019

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The IWF Youth World Championships is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, running from March 8th-15th. Youth weightlifting constitutes athletes aged 13 to 17 throughout the entire calendar year of the performance.
Youth World Records and Youth World Standards.

World records set at this competition

Nearly fifty countries are represented among more than two hundred entries in the under-seventeen competition. 

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Results will be uploaded below after each session

Men’s Results

PositionNameYOBNationSnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stDO Tu Tung2004VIE95125220
2ndKRUPLA Florin Cosmin2003ROU79101180
3rdERDOGAN Mustafa2003TUR8295177

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PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stMASSIDDA Sergio2002ITA103125228
2ndNAFASOV Ogabek2002UZB102121223
3rdPOOX PERALTA Jose Manuel2003MEX95122217

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PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stAKMOLDA Sairamkez
2ndGENC Yusuf Fehmi2002TUR108146254
3rdBUI Dinh Sang2002VIE113130243

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PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stTAISUYEN Saikhan2002KAZ127161288
2ndGIORBELIDZE Gurami2002GEO120150270
3rdREYIMOV Bektimur2002TKM122147269

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PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stNASAR Karlos May Hasan2004BUL130161291
2nd NARIMANOV Asadbek
3rdMISAKIAN Amagiak2002GRE118154272
PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stSAPI Yessenkeldi2002KAZ134175309
2ndSTANLEY Dade Lawson2002USA133155288
3rdATENCIA PRIOU Amel Karim2002PER122152274
PositionAthleteYOBCoutrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stALOTHMAN Ali Yousef A2002KSA136171307
2ndKARAPETYAN Garik2003ARM137168305
3rdGHAHRAMANYAN Gevorg2002ARM134170304
PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stBEKBOLAT Rakhat2004KAZ144179323
2ndDEMIRCI Onur2003TUR145170315
3rdMIRZABAEV Mirkhosil2002UZB143169311
PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stHRISTOV Stefcho Dimitrov2002BUL145170315
2ndTAKTAKISHVILI Lasha2002GEO130160290
3rdSHUKURLU Ali2003AZE125155280

+102 kg Men

1ORACKO Dominik2003CZE144174318
2DAYIYEV Atajan2002TKM143172315
3ALALI Ahmad2002SYR136173309
4KAZIMOV Rahman2002AZE131174305
5MEDINA BANUELOS Jesus Manuel2003MEX135165300
6JUBOO Khelwin2002MRI120160280
7WENG Zeng Yu2003TPE115151266
8MANUMUA Sikoti Jr2002TGA115136251

Women’s Results

PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stBEKTAS Cansu2003TUR5466120
2ndHONG Zi Yu2002TPE5363116
3rdULKER Zeliha2002TUR4562107
PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stNGUYEN Thi Thu Trang2003VIE6675141
3rdZENG Yi Fan2002TPE5870128
PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stABDULLAEVA Nigora2004UZB7590165
2ndCAMBEI Mihaele Valentina2002ROU7386159
3rdBRYANT Kaiya Lashay2005USA6787154
PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stSTERCKX Nina2002BEL7996175
2ndCHOU Yuan-Tzu2002TPE7597172
3rdCOTRUTA Andreea2003ROU7695171
PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stSAID Neama Said Fahmi2002EGY88107195
2ndGUILLEN VAZQUEZ Daphne2002MEX82106188
3rdGARCIA GOMEZ Mariana2003MEX81107188
PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stFAYZULLAEVA Kumushkhon2002UZB93122 (JWR)215
2ndROJAS GONZALEZ Queysi Julissa2002MEX88107195
3rd ILIE Mihaela
PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stVELAZQUEZ ROMERO Emmy Lizette2002MEX93121214
2ndREEVES Olivia Lynn2003USA84110194
3rdSALDARRIAGA DIOSES Estrella Belen2003PER83102185
PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stNarin Dilara2002TUR96129225
2ndGYURJYAN Liana2002ARM92116208
3rdPAREDES ARREAGA Bella Nancy2002ECU90110200
PositionAthleteYOBCountrySnatchClean & JerkTotal
1stPASTUKHOVA Olga2002KAZ92123215
2ndJABBOROVA Tursunoy2002UZB96118214
3rdNAKAJIMA Motoka2002JPN86109195

+81kg Women

1BLANCO TARELA Irene2002ESP91112203
2YUN Julia 2004USA90109199
3WALKER Nia Lielani2002USA86110196
4YALCIN Nuran 2002TUR85107192
5LIN Li Chuan2003TPE82108190
6WANG Ling Chen2003TPE84100184
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