Entry List: University & U25 National Championships 2019

You can see the results here

This years USAW University and U25 National Championships runs in conjunction with the Las Vegas International Open 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada – March 7-10, 2019

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61 M, 102 M, 45 W, 55 W, 64 W, 76 W

55 M, 67 M, 81 M, 89 M, 109 M, +109 M, 49 W, 71 W, 81 W

73 M, 96 M, 59 W, 87 W, +87 W

You can view the athletes competing in each A session below. To see the B, C, D, all the way down to G sessions (yes they even have a G session), you can download the full start list here.

Note: There are several international level lifters mixed into the A sessions who are competing at the Las Vegas International Open. Their results are independent of the placing of the University and U25 USAW athletes. You can check those athletes out here.

All times are local to Las Vegas – GMT-8


55 kg

61 kg

67 kg

73 kg

81 kg

89 kg

96 kg

102 kg

109 kg

+109 kg


45 kg

49 kg

55 kg

59 kg

64 kg

71 kg

76 kg

81 kg

87 kg

+87 kg

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