Las Vegas International 2019 Results

Men’s Results: Las Vegas International Open 2019

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The Las Vegas International open takes place this weekend: March 7th – 10th.
Joining the 45 USA weightlifters who are using this as one of the six mandatory competitions needed to fulfill the Tokyo Olympics qualification system (our qualification guide can be found here) are over 30 international lifters.

55 kg Full Results

World Records – 135 kg (WS), 162 kg, 293 kg (WS)
Brey Kobashigawa (USA) goes four for six in his first international meet, 7 kg under his own American record snatch and 4 kg under the American standard clean and jerk

61 kg Full Results

World Records – 144 kg (WS), 174 kg, 317 kg
Peruvian weightlifter Marcos Rojas took second in the snatch behind USA’s Brian Reisenauer who hit a new competition record in the snatch at 114 kg. Brian missed his final attempt clean and jerk at 140 kg which would have been enough for the gold in the total.

67 kg Full Results

World Records – 153 kg (WS), 184 kg (WS), 332 kg
USA’s Jordan Wissinger needed to make an international total having bombed out of the 2018 WWCs. Jordan lifted brilliantly in the clean and jerk hitting a new personal best at 165 kg. Having made the Pan American squad Jordan will attend his third of six Olympic qualifiers before the end of the first 6 month qualification period.

73 kg Full Results

World Records164 kg, 196 kg, 360 kg
Having already totaled at the 2018 WWCs Alex Lee simply weighed in but did not compete, subjecting himself to drug testing. Alex has now competed in two Olympic qualifiers and looks to make a third at the Pan American Championships in April having made the USA squad.
Canadian lifter Edouard Freve-Guerin who has all time bests of 127/162 kg took the win with a 276 kg total, 11 kg under his best. Hakim Ssempereza, who competed at the 2017 WWC and the 2015 Commonwealth Championships, took the silver by default.

81 kg – Full Results

World Records173 kg, 206 kg (WS), 375 kg
Canadian Alex Bellemarre equaled his training PR in the snatch with 153 kg which he followed up with a 179 kg clean and jerk for the win, putting another two kilos on his best total from the 2018 WWCs.
Yuki Hara had a very successful meet, hitting a 2 kg competition best in the snatch and a 5 kg competition best in the total. His clean and jerk was good enough for the gold in the lift.
In bronze place, despite a slight under performance, was Hungary’s Kmegy Máté. Kmegy totaled 326 at the European U23s last October, 13 kg more than here in Las Vegas.

89 kg – Full Results

With Christian Rodriguez simply weighing in to fulfill one of his six mandatory Olympic Qualifiers eyes turned to Jordan Cantrell, one of the most exciting young US lifters. Jordan ended up bombing out for the first time in his career. Whilst disappointing to Cantrell this isn’t actually the worst news for the 89 kg lifter as he has already competed and hit a total in the 2018 World Championships, a gold tier event.

96 kg – Full Results

Arley Mendez was the lifter that really drew the crowds to this session. The most successful weightlifter at the entire competition Arley Mendez put up some numbers rarely seen in the USA. The 85 kg 2017 World Champion has has been on the mend since before the 2018 World Championships where he hurt his right leg. This his first major competition, and an important one as he looked to make a total in an Olympic qualifying event. Terrifyingly Arley Mendez missed his first two attempts in the snatch. After mustering the calm that led to his 2017 world title Mendez hit 170 kg with some ease, just 5 kg less than his competition best, albeit now weighing 93 kg. Having hit 210 kg in the clean and jerk in the last few weeks building up for this competition it was no surprise that he hit this 207 kg 3rd attempt lift, despite missing the bounce in the clean.

Trevor Kimm, the 2018 American Open Champion, took home the silver with a 145 kg snatch and a 175 kg clean and jerk. Despite only going three for six the task of catching Arley Mendez would have been far too much.

National Champion John Downey took the bronze, lifting 14 kg less in the total than he hit at the 2018 American Open Finals.

102 kg – Full Results

109 kg – Full Results

+109 kg – Full Results

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