Las Vegas International Open 2019 Results Weightlifting

Women’s Results: Las Vegas International Open 2019

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The Las Vegas International open takes place this weekend: March 7th – 10th.
Joining the 45 USA weightlifters who are using this as one of the six mandatory competitions needed to fulfill the Tokyo Olympics qualification system (our qualification guide can be found here) are over 30 international lifters.

45 kg Full Results

World Records – 85 kg (WS), 108 kg (WS), 191 kg (WS)
California Strength‘s Nicole Lim competed today in her first ever international meet aged 33. No other international athlete turned up to face Nicole and so by default she left with all three gold medals.

49 kg Full Results

World Records94 kg, 120 kg, 210 kg
Amanda Braddock won the 49 kg class with an international competition personal best and her heaviest ever six for six performance. The 21 year old Peruvian Fiorella Cueva who has competition bests of 70/92 kg took the silver with an attempt at a competition best in the clean and jerk of 93 kg.

55 kg Full Results

World Records105 kg, 127 kg, 232 kg
Alyssa Ritchey, who competed at the 2018 WWC, simply weighed in at this competition in order to ‘participate’ in one of her six mandatory Olympic qualification meets. This has allowed her to train straight through until the Pan American Championships having once again made the squad.
In first place was Rachel Leblanc-Bazinet, the 2018 Common Wealth bronze medalist. Rachel ended up with a personal best in the total and a competition best in the clean and jerk, out-totaling her Commonwealth total by 10 kg.

59 kg – Full Results

World Records105 kg, 136 kg, 237 kg
It was USA vs USA in the 59 kg showdown at the Las Vegas International Open. University world champion Kaija Bramwell took the win with an 86/109 performance, just 3 kg less than her PR total from the Pan Am trials in February.
Christine Na, who trains under Bob Takano, took the silver with a 188 kg total. In bronze was the two time national champion Caitlin Hogan.

64 kg – Full Results

World Records113 kg, 141 kg, 254 kg
2018 Commonwealth Games champion Maude Charron equaled her games winning total of 220 kg.
Hunter Elam competed in her second of six qualification meets. She went just two for six, clean & jerking 112 kg, 9 kg less than the lift that put her on the 2018 world team.
4 time national champion and 3 time world team member the veteran Jessica Lucero lifted in her heavier than normal 59 kg weight class. As long as an athlete competes in the weight class in which they wish to compete at the Olympics twice then they are eligible. Full Olympic qualification guide

71 kg – Full Results

World Records – 117 kg (WS), 152 kg, 267 kg
Maya Laylor was able to take the win in the 71 kg class despite making only one of her snatches with a 120 kg clean and jerk, 4 kg above her Japanese competitor Miku Ishii. Miku has added 28 kg to her total since the 2016 junior world championships. Only 21 years of age she has enormous potential.
Kaitlyn Cooper, despite training heavy just two days before competition, managed to sneak the bronze over teammate Jillian Seamon.

76 kg – Full Results

Mattie Rogers had a great meet in Vegas. After equaling her competition best in the snatch Mattie passed on her third attempt. Despite missing her opening clean and jerk Mattie hit 133 kg on the clean and jerk, just 1 kg under her competition record from the 2017 National Championships. Perhaps more impressively is the fact that Mattie once again trained through this competition, aiming towards the 2019 Pan American Championships in late April. She also weighed in at 71.75 kg, barely making the heavier session, having joked on social media that she would have to ‘chug water right before weigh ins‘.

87 kg – Full Athlete

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