Chinese Weightlifter Lu Xiaojun training at the 2018 World Championships

ATG – Lü Xiaojun 160kg Snatch Session at 2018 World Championships Training Hall

ATG posted a phenomenal piece of content on their YouTube channel today: A full warm-up video of weightlifting legend Lu Xiaojun (CHN -81 kg) lifting in the training hall at the the 2018 World Championships in Ashgabat just days before winning his fourth world title.

Highlights from this video include

  • Lu’s warm-up sequence including slo-mo footage – Bar, 60 kg, 90 kg, 120 kg, 140 kg, 150 kg, 160 kg
  • Deficit stiff (ish) leg snatch deadlifts – 120 kg, 140 kg, 160 kg
  • The famously named ‘Lu Raises’
  • Barbell lateral bends (this seems like an exclusively Chinese accessory)
  • Sit-ups
Lu Xiaojun Training Video – Credit ATG

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Lu Xiaojun

Lu Xiaojun is a 33 year-old Chinese weightlifter. He is a 4 time World Champion, the 2012 Olympic Champion, a 9 time world record holder, and holder of the 30th highest sinclair of all-time: a 380 kg total at a body weight of 76.4 kg.

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