Jenny Arthur Olympian front squats personal record (PR) 157 kg

Jenny Arthur – Easiest Squat PR Of All Time

The 2016 Olympian Jenny Arthur (-76 kg) is known for her professionalism in training. Her posting to social media is seldom as is any outward eruption of emotion. It should have come as no surprise to have seen such a calm and reserved new personal best in the front squat from Jenny Arthur but the bar speed and sheer ease of the lift was truly something else.

I had always believed that new records ought to be difficult, heavy, and something that was balanced on the knife edge border between make and miss.

Apparently not!

Many of Jenny’s USA teammates, including her two Olympic teammates Sarah Robles and Morghan King, felt similarly bemused by the incredible 157 kg lift and chimed in with humourous comments.

Sarah Robles (Olympian/World Champ) – ‘That was a joke. Sand bagger
Morghan King (Olympian) – ‘I’m with @roblympian on this one. May be the first time ever we’ve agreed on something
Kate Nye (American record holder)- ‘Uh you accidentally said PR instead of 70%
Anthony Pomponio (National Champ) – ‘Easily could have done thix
Alex Lee (National Champion) – ‘Way too easy

I guess that’s what professionals do!

Jenny sits as the top 76 kg weightlifter in the nation but will have to continue to train hard as the three top 71 kg weightlifters in the nation, Mattie Rogers, Kate Nye, and Meredith Alwine, will all most likely move up to join her in the hope of qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Why? Because the 71 kg weight class is not an Olympic weight class.

Jenny Arthur placed 6th at the 2016 Olympics in Rio going 107 kg/ 135 kg/ 242 kg. Jenny is a multiple time national champion and world/Pan American team member. She holds the immortalised 75 kg American record clean and jerk of 138 kg and total of 242 kg. Now in the heavier 76 kg weight class Jenny still holds the American records in the clean and jerk and total with 139 kg and 245 kg respectively.

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