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Liu Jiawen (89kg), 210kg clean and jerk

Last year’s Chinese fall national champion Liu Jiawen just hit a new personal best in the clean and jerk at 210 kg, equal to the jerk PR that he hit a few months ago.

This lift is now just six kilos under the world standard in the 89 kg weight class, the only weight class to still have three intact world standards. If Liu is able to make selection for the Chinese national squad at the 2019 Asian Championships next month in April then perhaps he will be the first athlete to make attempts at beating the standards. Having snatched 175 kg off blocks earlier this year he is only 4kg off the snatch world standard of 179 kg.

Liu Jiawen’s progress over the last few months has been incredible. Below are the 205 kg and the 200 kg clean and jerks that he has hit in 2019. Perhaps 215 kg soon?


Liu Jiawen was born in 1996 and trains in GuangDong. He is the 2016 IWF Junior World 85kg Champion (165/200), the 2018 Chinese Fall 89kg National Champion (163/196), and the 2016 Chinese Nationals/Olympic Trials silver medalist (170/201). His best clean and jerk in training is 210 kg (2019).

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