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Home Lifts Wu Jingbiao (CHN -61) Snatches 145 kg

Wu Jingbiao (CHN -61) Snatches 145 kg

The thirty-year-old Chinese silver medalist from the 2012 Olympics, Wu Jingbiao, has posted a training video of a 145 kg snatch.

In the post, he says his bodyweight was ‘nearly 61kg’. This lift was 1kg over the World Standard in the 61 kg weight category.

As well as his Olympic silver, Wu has two golds and two silvers from the World Championships. Wu’s last international medal was a silver at the 2015 World Championships.

    Dan Kent
    Dan is the Editor of the Weightlifting House website. He is also a coach with Warwickshire Weightlifting Club and a referee.

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