European Weightlifting Federation

EWF Scientific Magazine Issue 12

The latest issue of the European Weightlifting Federation’s Scientific Magazine is now available.

Get it from their website here (it’s free and does not require registration).

Older issue are available from this page.

This issue has articles on:

  • Women and sport
  • How diet and stress effect the training of youth athletes
  • A detailed look at the Sarcomere
  • Variations of the jump under the bar in the snatch and clean
  • Prerequisites for athletic talent
  • The menstrual cycle and strength training

There’s a lot to dig into here. All of the article have some interesting points to make

2 thoughts on “EWF Scientific Magazine Issue 12”

    1. Yes, it really is a great source of info that is not very well known at all. Considering the effort that clearly goes into producing it, it’s a surprise that it is not promoted more.

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