Weightlifting World Champion Tatiana Kashirina Back Squats 200 kg for a set of 8

Tatiana Kashirina Back Squats 200 kg x 8

Tatiana Kashirina, the greatest female weightlifter ever by Sinclair, just back squatted 200 kg for an easy set of eight in what was, according to teammate Egor Klimonov, one of several sets!

In an interview on ATG from 2015, Tatiana states that her best ever back squat is 280 kg for a triple! That’s 7 kg over Brown Bonica’s IPF world record squat for a set of three! She has also front squatted 240 kg for a single. No wonder the clean from her 193 kg world record in Almaty 2014 looked so easy. You can see more footage of Tatiana’s squats here.


Tatiana Kashirina is a five time world champion, a six time European champion, and has set twenty three world records in her career so far. Tatiana has has snatched and clean and jerked more than any other woman in history with 155 kg and 193 kg respectively. She holds the highest female Sinclair ever and is widely regarded as the greatest of all time.

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