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102 kg Men Results | 2019 European Championships

Results from the 2019 European Championships

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102 kg Men

1CHUMAK DmytroUKR171/175/175210/216/229391924.52
2GASPARYAN Samvel ARM168/168/168209/216/217377819.05
3STRALTSOU VadzimBLR161/167/170201/206/206376811.85
4CHKHEIDZE IrakliGEO163/167/169202/203/203372783.52
5GRISKOVS JanisLAT155/161/165195/201/205370769.61
6MARTIROSYAN ArsenARM160/165/168200/200/205368755.88
7REVA KostiantynUKR161/166/166200/207/216368755.88
8KUZIC NenadSRB160/164/165200/206/208360702.66
9GRELA LukaszPOL158/162/166185/190/193359696.19
10ELVAN ResulTUR155/160/167194/196/196356677.05
11SIDISKIS ArnasLTU155/160/165186/191/192351645.98
12KARINA EndriALB160/167/169190/190/195350639.88
13PENT LehoEST140/147/152165/177/185337564.28
14NAZAROV AlishAZE142/147/151176/181/185332536.94
15GASIOR JiriCZE143/143/147180/185/190328515.75
16STANULIS ZygimantasLTU-/-/--/-/-
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