American Weightlifter Kate Nye Jerks 142 kg off the blocks

Kate Nye (USA-71) 142 kg Jerk PR (Double Bodyweight)

The USA snatch record holder Kate Nye has just jerked 142 kg off the blocks, 7kg more than the PR jerk of 135 kg that she hinted to on her last appearance on the weightlifting house podcast just two months ago. This lift is 6 kg over the American standard clean and jerk of 136 kg.

Kate has always been known as a snatch specialist, most recently having snatched a senior American record of 108 kg. She has been working incredibly hard on her clean and jerk in an attempt to secure her spot on top of the incredibly exciting 71 kg weight class, the most exciting class in the USA right now.

Earlier this week she doubled 134 kg in the jerk and she cleaned 130 kg for a double off blocks. It is only a matter of time before we see her lift more than her current PR of 132 kg in competition: Peraps at the 2019 Pan American CHampionships later this month?


Kate is the Senior American record holder in the snatch in the 71 kg class with 108 kg, and she currently holds 5 Junior American records. Kate is the junior American record holder in the 63 kg class in the snatch, the 69 kg in the snatch and total, and the 71 kg class in the snatch and total, with 96 kg, 103/227 kg, and 108/237 kg respectively.

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