Chinese weightlifter ad world champion Lu Xiaojun snatches 170 kg in training

Lu Xiaojun 170 kg Snatch

34 year old Lu Xiaojun (CHN-81) has once again snatch 170 kg, a weight that acts as the bench mark for the most exceptional in the 77/81 kg weight classes.

Lu Xiaojun has snatched 170 kg or more 16 times in competition, something that no other athlete at his body weight has even come close to over the last three decades. His reputation as one of the most dominant lifters in the world is certainly deserved.

Lu Xiaojun’s last performance was at the 2018 World Championships where he snatched a world record 172 kg in the new 81 kg weight class and went on to become world champion for the fourth time in his career. Lu currently has 1,160 Robi points, an enormous score that came from both surpassing the world standard in the snatch and the 10% Robi bonus gained from the gold tier World Championships.

We will most likely see Lu Xiaojun return later this month at the 2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships where he will look to put forward a performance beyond his last. This 170 kg snatch certainly bodes well for Lu!

Lu Xiaojun

Lu Xiaojun is a 33 year-old Chinese weightlifter. He is a 4 time World Champion, the 2012 Olympic Champion, a 9 time world record holder, and holder of the 30th highest sinclair of all-time: a 380 kg total at a body weight of 76.4 kg.

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