Belarus weightlifter Andrei Aryamnov 190kg snatch

Andrei Aryamnov 190 kg Snatch

More success for the 2008 Olympic champion Andrei Aryamnov with this comeback PR in the snatch of 190 kg, 7 kilos more than we have seen from him from the floor for several years. It has been less than one and a half years since Aryamnov returned to training after five years of retirement and he is already lifting 95% of his competition best and 93% of his best training snatch from the floor of 205 kg. He also snatched 210 kg off the blocks.

As Aryamnov heads towards the Europeans Championships he currently has 1,720 Robi points made up of a gold tier event (2018 WWC) and a silver tier event (5th international Qatar Cup). If he is able to successfully make the 190/220 kg lifts that he has hit in training this last week he will end with 983.9 points, which when added to his 872.4 from Qatar will give him 1856.3 heading into the second qualification period.

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Andrei Aramnau, born 17th April 1988, is a 105/109 kg weightlifter from Belarus. As a junior Aramnau won silver at the 2006 Junior World Championships and gold a year later at the 2007 Junior World Championships with a 407 kg total in the 105 kg weight class. That same year aged just 20 Andrei Aramnau became world champion in the 105 kg class, snatching 195 kg and clean and jerking 228 kg, defeating the likes of Dmitry Klokov, Alan Tsagaev, and Oleksiy Torokhtiy. A year later Aramnau became the Olympic champion, setting a new snatch world record of 200 kg and clean and jerking a new Olympic record of 236 kg for a World and Olympic record total of 436 kg.

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