Olympic Champion Lasha Talakhadze 210 kg snatch

Lasha Talakhadze 210 kg Snatch At European Training Hall

The snatch world record holder (220) and owner of the biggest total of all time (477) Lasha Talakhadze just snatched 210 kg in the training hall at the 2019 European Championships in his home country of Georgia. This lift was caught on film by hookgrip.

The nonchalance with which Lasha lifts this weight is staggering! 210 kg is a weight rarely seen in the sport of weightlifting, the kind of weight the weightlifting world has typically seen in competition perhaps just once every four years. These days with the emergence of the quickly becoming greatest super heavy of all time we are being spoiled with the frequency of these massive lifts.

Lasha has snatched 210 kg or more 11 times in international competition at this point, and we are likely to add another 3 to that number after these championships.

Lasha lifts at 12pm Batumi time on Saturday the 13th. You can check the schedule here.

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