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European Championships Day 1


The first A group of the day was the Women’s 45 kg category. Turkey’s Şazi̇ye Erdoğan took the gold comfortably with a 163 total, followed by Bulgaria’s Ivana Petrova (158) and Belarus’s Yuliya Asayonak (150), who took the bronze by just one kilo from Ayşe Doğan (Turkey) and Cosmina Pana (Romania).

Full W45 results | As It Happened


Next was the Men’s 55 kg category. Mirco Scarantino (Italy) took the group comfortably in the end with a 232 total. Angel Rusev (Bulgaria) came second, despite getting a highly unusual jury decision of oscillation on his first clean and jerk. Muammer Şahi̇n (Turkey) grabbed the bronze by a couple of kilos from Luca Marian (Romania)

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The last group of the day was the Women’s 49kg category. Elena Ramona Andries (Romania) took the gold with a 190 total. Kristina Sobol (Russia) took silver with 180 and Giorgia Russo (Italy) fought splendidly on clean and jerk to take the bronze from Manon Lorentz (France). Russo has one of the bravest, lowest jerk splits you are ever likely to see. There was also an intriguing battle between the French lifters in this group, with Lorentz coming out on top of her teammate Anais Michel by just one kilo.

Full W49 Results | As It Happened


While no senior European records were broken today, Angel Rusev (Bulgaria) did take the European Junior clean and jerk (146) and total (256) records.


In terms of Olympic qualification and the Robi points that athletes are trying to gain, the big winners were Elena Ramona Andries of Romania (882.9) and Italy’s Mirco Scarantino (749.1). Plenty of other athletes gained valuable points and , perhaps most importantly, no A group lifters bombed, so they all keep their Olympic dreams alive.


There were two 6/6 performances today – Ivana Petrova (Bulgaria) in W45 and Mirco Scarantino (Italy) in his impressive performance to win the M55 category.

Replay / Challenge System Not Used

One interesting bit of news is that the new video replay and challenge rules are not being used for this competition, at least so far. The juries are relying on the old fashioned approach to make decisions and coaches are not being issued challenge cards. Technical issues or a decision by the EWF not to use the system?


So far, Turkey are top of the medal table:

Dan Kent
Dan is the Editor of the Weightlifting House website. He is also a coach with Warwickshire Weightlifting Club and a referee.


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