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Chinese Team for Asian Championships

China’s team for the 2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships has been revealed.

Men’s 61 Li Fabin, Qin Fulin

Li Fabin snatching 142 kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Li Fabin is a former world junior champion. He claimed silver at the 2018 World Championships. With best lifts of 142/168/310, he stands a good chance of setting a snatch world record (the standard is 144) and is not far away from Indonesian Eko Yuli Irawan’s clean and jerk and total records in this category (174, 317). Of course, we expect Irawan to defend his Asian Championships title, so any record may be subsequently taken away from Li Fabin.

Qin Fulin clean and jerking 169 kg at the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships

Qin Fulin will also have a good chance of challenging for records and the win in this category. While his best total is a couple of kilos below that of Li Fabin, he actually has a higher best clean and jerk at 169, so if he can improve his snatch, we could see an epic battle between the two Chinese and the Indonesian lifter.

Men’s 67 Chen Lijun, Feng Lüdong

Chen ijun cleans a world record 185 kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Chen Lijun has won three World Championships (2013, 2015,2018). He also holds the total world record in this category at 332. The snatch and clean and jerk records are still standards though, so he will surely set his sights on those at this competition. He won’t have to improve his current bests (151 and 183) by much to hit the target numbers of 154 and 185.

Chinese weightilifter Feng Lüdong snatching 155 kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Feng Lüdong has cut some weight to compete in this category. He took a bronze medal as a 73 kg lifter at the 2018 World Championships. His best numbers (160/183/340) will be competitive if he manages to maintain them while cutting.

Men’s 73 Shi Zhiyong, Yuan Chengfei

Shi Zhiyong clean and jerking 196 kg for a new world record

Rio gold medalist Shi Zhiyong won the 2018 World Championships in this category and holds all the world records (164/196/360) so is a huge favourite to win here and extend his records. Shi is now an Olympic Champion, a two-time world champion, and a two-time Asian champion.

We haven’t seen Yuan Chengfei compete internationally since 2017, when he took gold as a 77 kg lifter at the Asian Championships. He has bests of 160/195/355 but it is to be seen what he can do at this lower body weight.

Men’s 81Lü Xiaojun, Li Dayin

Chinese weightlifter Lu Liaojun snatching a world record 172 kg

London 2012 gold medalist and 2018 World Champion Lü Xiaojun surprisingly does not hold any world records at the moment. His bests of 177/207/381 should give him a chance against the records of 173/206/375 but they came back in 2016 (albeit at a lower bodyweight). With a younger teammate rising to glory, is this Lü Xiaojun’s last chance to make a mark on this category?

Chinese weightlifter Li Dayin clean and jerks 204 kg for the gold medal at the 2018 Weightlifting world championships

Li Dayin appeared on the international scene as if out of nowhere at the 2018 World Championships and immediately set the total world record (375). The snatch record might be out of his reach but he will have his eyes on the clean and jerk standard of 206, which is just a couple of kilos above his current best.

Men’s 96 Tian Tao

Chinese weightlifter Tian Tao clean and jerking 226 kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Tian Tao won the Asian Championships in 2014. Since then, he has claimed Olympic and World silver medals. Sohrab Moradi won’t be lifting here so Tian Tao can have a shot at his world records of 186/230/416. He will have to improve on his bests of 181/226/407 but it’s possible.

Men’s 109 Yang Zhe

Chinese weightlifter Yang Zhe snatching 196 kg to equal the world record at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Yang Zhe has won the Asian Championships three times (2010,2011,2014) but since then has not managed an international gold. He has claimed a World Championships silver (2018) but fell short at the 2016 Olympics, finishing fourth. For a lifter with bests of 196/225/419, the clean and jerk and total world records (240 and 435) look unassailable but he matched the snatch world record in Ashgabat last year, so he will likely take a shot at that here.

Women’s 49 Hou Zhihui, Zhang Rong

Chinese weightlifter Hou  Zhihui snatching 93 kg at the 29 weightlifting world championships

Despite holding the snatch (94) and total (210) records in this category, Hou Zhihui is still trying for her first senior world or continental gold. She took silver at the 2018 World Championships with a 93/115/208 performance but her best lifts of 95 and 118 came in 2015. The clean and jerk record (120) is currently held by Chayuttra Pramongkhol (Thailand) but she won’t be competing here – she failed a drugs test in February and is suspended pending the outcome of her case. That record may well be wiped, so Hou Zhihui could well end up with all three records.

Women’s 55 Liao Qiuyun

Liao Qiuyun is another Chinese lifter who is eyeing up world records likely to be vacated due to a Thai lifter failing a drugs test, in this case Sukanya Srisurat. Liao Qiuyun hit 96/125/221 at the IWF World Cup earlier this year, doing well enough to be selected ahead of the more experienced Li Yajun, who is a reserve for the China team.

Women’s 59 Chen Guiming

Chinese weightlifter Chen Guiming clean and jerking 133 kg for the gold medal at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Chen Guiming won a silver medal at the 2018 World Championships but her best performance 100/135/235 came in 2015 at a World Cup competition in China. She also has a silver from the 2016 Asian Championships, so she’ll be hoping to go one better here. She holds the clean and jerk world record but is capable of challenging Hsing-Chun Kuo (Chinese Taipei) for the other records.

Women’s 64 Deng Wei

Chinese weightlifter Deng Wei snatching 112 kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Deng Wei has dominated this category in recent years, taking gold at the 2016 Olympics and the 2018 World Championships. She holds all the world records (113/141/254) and it is difficult to see anyone else challenging her here, in the rest of qualification or in Tokyo.

Women’s 76 Wang Zhouyu, Zhang Wangli

Chinese Weightlifter Wang Zhouyu clean and jerking 152 kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Wang Zhouyu does not have many international appearances to her name but they have been successful. She took gold at the 2015 Asian Championships and the 2018 World Championships. Her bests of 120/152/270 are close to the numbers required to challenge her teammate Zhang Wangli for world records, especially on snatch where she is stronger.

Chinese Weightlifter Zhang Wangli snatching 115 kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Zhang Wangli has won her international medals as a lighter lifter but has moved up to 76 in 2019, presumably as her target Olympic category. Nevertheless, she already holds the clean and jerk and total world records in the category and will be aiming to extend them.

Women’s 87 Ao Hui

Chinese weightlifter Ao Hui snatching 117 kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Ao Hui won gold at the 2018 World Championships with 117/151/268. Those numbers are a way off the world standards of 132/164/294 so this is one category where we are unlikely to see a Chinese attempt at setting records.

Women’s 87+ Meng Suping, Li Wenwen

Chinese weightlifter Meng Suping attempting a world record 188 kg clan and jerk at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Meng Suping won Olympic gold in 2016 but has had to be satisfied with silvers in other world-level competitions, having been beaten by world record holder Tatiana Kashirina (Russia) multiple times. She has a chance to take a shot at Kashirina’s records (146/185/331) and looks capable of breaking them.

Teenager Li Wenwen picked up silver behind her teammate at the IWF World Cup 2019, with 142/182 for a 324 kg total. She will likely finish behind Meng Suping here as well but, at just eighteen, she will likely still be lifting and improving when her thirty-year-old teammate retires.

Dan Kent
Dan is the Editor of the Weightlifting House website. He is also a coach with Warwickshire Weightlifting Club and a referee.


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