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Kazakhstan Team for Asian Championships 2019

The national team for Kazakhstan has been announced for the 2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships April 18th to 28th.

Learn more about the team and each athlete’s career and standings.

M55 Arli Chontey

Kazakhstan weightlifter Arli Chontey snatching 120 kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Arli has already competed twice during the first Olympic qualification system. Once successfully, the other less so. At the 2018 World Championships Arli went 120/138/258 for 720 Robi points. A few months later at the silver tier Qatar cup Arli only received 470 Robi points, not enough if he wants to grab the only male spot given to Kazakhstan for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. His biggest competition at this competition will be Om Yun-chol (DPRK). It is also worth remembering that the 55 kg men’s weight class is not an Olympic class so at some point soon we will see Arli make the climb up to the 61 kg class, a climb bringing with it a whole host of new difficulties for Arli Chontey.

M67 Farkhad Kharki

Kazakhstan weightlifter KHARKI Farkhad	 clean and jerking 175 kg at the 2018 Weightliftng World Championships

Farkhad is coming off a 9th place finish at the 2018 World Championships where he collected 865 Robi points with a 133/175/308 kg performance. Farkhad has competed twice during this qualification period already and so is in a strong position to risk bigger lifts for more points with the safety net of having already fulfilled the qualification requirements. Farkhad is the 2016 Olympic bronze medalist.

M81 Denis Ulanov

Kazakhstan weightlifter Denis Ulanov snatchingg 160kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Denis Ulanov has struggled to find his feet in terms of numbers rather than medals since the 2016 Olympics where he took the overall bronze with an incredible 175/215/390 kg performance. Since, Denis has taken gold at the 2017 Summer Universiade where he totalled 365 kg, and 14th in the heavier 89 kg weight class at the 2018 World Championships where his total dropped again to 160/192/352 kg, awarding him 802 Robi points. Perhaps we will see the Denis Ulanov of old at this year’s Asian Championships, after all, he did win back in 2016.

M81 Nurlybek Samenov

Nurlybek is one of the lesser known and least accomplished athletes in the men’s Kazakh squad. Even so, he has secured a total already with a successful 153/180/333 kg performance at the 2019 Egat cup in the 81 class, a performance that gave him 753 Robi points. If he can sustain that level of performance at the Asian games he will push nearer to the 800 point mark.

M89 Nijat Rahimov

Kazakhstan weightlifter Nijat Rahimov attempts a world record clean and jerk of 211 kg at the 2015 Weightlifting World Championships

Despite his stunning victory at the 2016 Olympics where he clean and jerked a 4 kg world record of 214 kg, landing the 32nd highest Sinclair of all-time of 475, Rahimov has not looked in such good shape since. His strong clean and jerk of 190 kg in the 73 kg class at the 2018 World Champs helped him secure a very strong 988 Robi points. Now we see him return two weight classes heavier in the 89 kg class. This is not an Olympic category and so the only potential reason I can see for this move is that Robi points will be slightly easier to come by, as will medals, due to the lower level of competition. Either way, Rahimov still sits as the best from the men’s team so far.

M96 Ilya Ilyin

Ilya Ilyin celebrating after a world record 233 kg clean and jerk at the 2012 Olympics

Ilya is one of the greatest weightlifters of our time. Even when we remove the Olympic performances for which he was banned, he still holds the 29th best performance of all-time – 191/246/437 in the 105 kg weight class (476 Sinclair). Ilya is in a precarious position because he is yet to make a total during this first qualification period despite turning up and weighing-in twice. That means that of his six obligatory pre-Olympics performances, he has used the only two that he can use for simply weighing-in. All future performances will have to result in a total or his Olympic goals will be over. So, Ilya will hope to not only open light enough so as to ensure he makes a total, but he will also hope to continue along his 100% win track record that he holds, something made all the more difficult by competitors Tian Tao, Kianoush Rostami, and Meso Hassona.

M96 Rustem Sybay

Kazakhstan weightlifter Rustem Sybayclean and jerking 211 kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

After Rustem’s successful 165/211/376 kg performance at the 2018 World Championships, Rustem heads into the Asian championships in good stead with the highest number of Robi points accumulatively of all male Kazakh lifters with 1,588, 888 of which came from worlds. However, considering that Rahimov’s 1,474 points include his very low 486 points from the Egat cup, it seems likely that he will overtake Rustem at the Asian championships.

M109 Alexandr Zaichikov

Kazakhstan weightlifter Alexander Zaichikov snatching 191 kg at the 2015 Weightlifting World Championships

Alexandr Zaichikov has probably seen the biggest drop-off in perfromance of the entire Kazakh national squad. Zaichikov became world champion in 2015 in the 105 kg class with a 191/230/421 kg performance, and took bronze at the Olympics a year later with 193/223/416 kg. Fast forward two years to the 2018 World Championships and Zaichikov only managed 165/195 for 702 Robi points. Hopefully he will be able to regain some of his former self.

M109 Ibrahim Bersanov

Kazakhstn weightlifter BERSANOV Ibragim attempting a 185 kg snatch at the 2018 weightlifting world championships

Bersanov’s 180/208/388 kg performance at the 2018 worlds set him up with a solid 819 Robi points. Along with his 679 points from the Egat Cup he is in a good position heading into the Asian Championships. He competed at this comeptiton back in 2013 as a super, snatching 185 kg and clean and jerking 217 kg, enough for the bronze medal in the total.

M109+ Selimkhan Abubakarov

Back at the 2016 Kazakh nationals Abubakarov snatched an incredible 205 kg at the age of just 19, which he followed up with a 238 kg clean and jerk. We haven’t seen him lift anything as impressive in international competition. At the Egat Cup this year Selimkhan Abubakarov snatched 170 kg and clean and jerked 200 kg for 536 Robi points.

W55 Zulfiya Chinshanlo

Kazakhstan weightlifter Zulfiya Chinshanlo atepting a 125 kg clean and jerk at the 2018 weightlifting world championships

Zulfiya Chinshanlo received a 2 year ban after winning the 2012 Olympics due to her consumption of oxandrolone and stanozolol. Since her return she has won the 2014 World Championships and took silver at the 2014 Asian Games. Her performance of 93/120 at the 2018 World Championships gave her a very strong 973 Robi points.

W64 Karina Goricheva

Kazakhstan weightlifter GORICHEVA Karina snatching 107 kg at the 2018 weightlifting world championships

Karina has not managed to replicate her Olympic bronze medal performance of 111/132 since the new Olympic qualification system began. Her performance of 107/117 at the world championships gave her 816 Robi points, and her 95/110 performance at the Egat Cup gave her an additional 580.

W71 Zhazira Zhapparkul

Kazakhstanweightlifter Zhazira Zhapparkul snatching 116 kg at the 2015 Weightlifting World Championships

The 2016 Olympic silver medalist Zhazira Zhapparkul has not yet made a total during this Olympic qualifying period and so must total at the 2019 Asian Championships if she hopes to further her chances at 2020 Olympic qualification. Considering her lifts of 115/144 in Rio she is in with a good chance at medaling here.

W71 Yekatarina Stolyarenko

Kazakhstan weightlifter STOLYARENKO Yekaterina	 snatching 94 kg at the 2018 weightlifting world championships

Yekatarina Stolyarenko is one of Kazakhstan’s only medalists from the 2018 World Championships. Even so, she only managed to secure 551 Robi points there which doesn’t look like enough to secure the only spot awarded to the Kazakh women in Tokyo.

W76 Yekatarina Bykova

Kazakhstan weightlifter BYKOVA Yekaterina attempting a 123 kg clean and jerk at the 2018 weightlifting world championships

Yekatarina is one of the least accomplished of the women on this Kazakh team. Her performance at worlds of 91/119 kg was only good enough for 12th and some way off the world records of 122/156 kg.

W81 Raushan Meshitkhanova

Kazakhstan weightlifter MESHITKHANOVA Raushan snatching 108 kg at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championships

Raushan took the silver medal in the snatch at the 2018 world championships with 108 kg. She will be going up against Wang Zhouyu (CHN) who has lifted as much as 120/152 in the poast. She will have a lot to do if she wants to be in with a shot at an Olympic spot.

W87 Larisa Kobeleva

Larisa Kobeleva used to lift for Russian but recently changed her citizenship. In 2014 at the Kazan Junior World Championships she lifted 115/130 kg weighing just 79 kg. If she is anywhere near this shape she will certainly be in with a chance at a medal.

W87+ Aizada Muptilda

Aizada Muptilda only has 411 Robi points from her 108/130 kg performance at the 2018 world championships. Considering she will be going up against Meng Suping and Li Wenwen who have both snatched over 140 kg and clean and jerked over 180 kg in recent competitions.

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