Chinese weightlifter Li Dayin attempts a 200 kg clean and jerk

Li Dayin Wins Gold at Asian Championships

Li Dayin headed into the continental championships month of April with the most Robi points of any other man at 2,258. It made sense that his performance here at the Asian Championships was highly anticipated.

  • At the 2018 World Championships Li made 168/204/372 kg for 1,140.22 Robi points (Gold tier)
  • At the IWF World Cup Li made 171/204/375 kg for 1,117.82 Robi points (Silver tier)
  • At the 2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships Li made 168/195/363 kg for 1,051.13 Robi points (Gold tier)

Today at the 2019 Asian Championships Li opened at 163 kg in the snatch after everyone else had taken all of their attempts. He went on to make 168 kg on his second attempt. Despite following himself it wasn’t fatigue that led to Li Dayin’s miss at 172 kg. In fact, Li pulled the bar incredibly high but threw it behind his head.

In the clean and jerk Li Dayin did not look himself. Having made 204 kg at his last two performances it seemed likely that we would see a comparable performance here. Li ended up missing his opening attempt at 195 kg on the clean. He went on to make it on his second attempt. On his final attempt Li went to 200 kg and missed the jerk. This allowed Choe Jon Wi (PRK) with the final lift of the session and the opportunity to take the gold in the total. After cleaning it he didn’t have enough in him for the jerk, leaving Li Dayin the champion in front of his home crowd.

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