Pan American Championships 2019 – Day 1 and Day 2

The Pan-American Championships has a packed schedule, so there was plenty of action on the first couple of days, including lots of records broken.

Women’s 45 kg

The opening group of the competition saw a comfortable win for Manuela Berrio (Colombia), who broke all of the Pan-American junior records on the way.

1MANUELA BERRIOCOL67/70/7289/91/95167704.15
2FIORELLA CUEVAPER64/67/6980/85/90159598.20
3MARIA BENAVIDEZECU63/66/6875/75/75143420.56

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Women’s 49 kg

This group featured a very close battle on snatch between Alyssa Ritchey (USA) and Beatriz Piron (Dominican Republic), with Ritchey taking the gold on snatch by a kilo. She opened up a bigger lead on clean and jerk, setting a new Pan-American total record. Ludia Montero (Cuba) set Pan-American junior records on snatch and clean and jerk.

1RITCHEY Alyssa LynnUSA83107190882.90
2PIRON BeatrizDOM82102184793.63
3KING MorghanUSA78102180737.75

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Men’s 55 kg

Only three athletes contested this weight category and one of them bombed on clean and jerks.

1JAIRO GARCIACOL108/113/113130/135/135243590.81
2JOSE ICALGUA85/90/95110/120/125215393.39
3EDWAR YOSEFHAI100/104/-127/127/127

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Men’s 61 kg

This was the closest group yet, with the total gold decided by a kilo. Cristhian Zurita (Eucador) won the snatch with 124 but couldn’t compete on clean and jerk. The battle was between Antonio Vasquez (Mexico) and Luis Garcia (Dominican Republic). Vasqeuz, who finished fifth on snatch, pulled off a huge 164 clean and jerk to take the total gold.

1ANTONIO VASQUEZMEX115/118/122160/164/170282786.21
2LUIS A. GARCIADOM120/123/125153/158/161281776.99
3CRISTHIAN ZURITA ECU121/124/127143/146/148272697.35

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Men’s 67 kg

The first men’s record to be set at this competition was the Pan-American junior total record, set by Jose Osorio (Colombia) as he won the silver medal behind Jonathan Munoz (Mexico)

1MUNOZ JonathanMEX134170304829.15
2OSORIO JoseCOL135160295750.37
3PINEDA EdgarGUA125166291717.10

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Women’s 55 kg

The snatch part of this category was very entertaining, with four lifters finishing within two kilos. Ana Lopez had the best snatch (92) but ultimately took the total bronze as bigger clean and jerkers overtook her. Yenny Sinisterra (Colombia) finished fourth, but did set a Pan-American junior record. Jourdan Delacruz (USA) took the total gold with a 116 clean and jerk that was too good for the rest of the field.

1DELACRUZ Jourdan E.USA91116207885.07
2ESCOBAR AlexandraECU90113203829.52
3LOPEZ AnaMEX92110202816.02

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Men’s 73 kg

More records fell in this group, this time to USA’s brilliant young lifter CJ Cummings. He set World junior and Pan-American senior records on the way to winning gold and scoring over 1000 Robi points.

1CUMMINGS JR ClarenceUSA1531913441058.56
2MOSQUERA LuisCOL147175322849.90
3GAVINO JoseCOL142177319823.88

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Women’s 59 kg

The Pan-American total record was broken four times in this group, first by Maria Lobin (Colombia) twice and then twice more by her teammate Rosive Silgado.

1SILGADO RosiveCOL95125220922.09
2LOBON MariaCOL95120215854.29
3LUCERO Jessica MarieUSA94113207753.18

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