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German Bundesliga Final –Watch Live Sat 27/4/19

The final of the top division of the German Bundesliga weightlifting league competition will be streamed live here.

The final will be on Saturday 27th April at 1800 Central European Time. That’s 1700 in the UK, 1200 on the USA East coast, 0900 on the west coast.

The Bundesliga is a team competition that uses a scoring system that enables teams to have lifters of a mixture of weights and genders. Unlike other weightlifting competitions, a ’round-robin’ order is used rather than a rising bar. This means that, like is powerlifting, lifters have a much better idea of when they will be making their attempts than in a weightlifting competition using the standard rules.

The final of the Bunesliga first division is three way content between SSV Samswegen, Obrigheim and AC Mutterstadt

This season, AC Mutterstadt have featured big-name lifters such as Nina Schroth, Lisa Marie Schweizer and Max Lang. International lifters Amar Music and Gareth Evans are expected to start for them in the final.

The success of the Obrigheim team has been built around Nico Müller and Matthäus Hofmann, so we may see them in the final.

SV Germania Obrigheim offers heavyweight Sargis Matirosjan and the Spaniard Acoran Hernandez, as well as Ruben Hofmann, Marius Oechsle and veteran Jakob Neufeld.

It is customary to drink beer while watching weightlifting in Germany, so why not put a few in the fridge and tune in to what is sure to be some entertaining lifting!

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