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All World Records from the Last Month of International Competition

We have been spoiled by the number of international competitions and the incredible lifts from the month of April. Due to the new Olympic qualification system that was implemented last year, all of the continental championships ended up changing their competition dates to the month of April. They did this in order to fit into the first six month qualification period and afford athletes from their own continent another opportunity at registering a total.

To kick things off first was the European Championships in Batumi, Georgia, where we witnessed the heaviest total of all time from the home hero Lasha Talakhadze. From there the Asian Championships provided us with one of the most dominant wins from any country in recent memory, with China winning eleven out of the twenty available total gold medals. Finally, over at the Pan American Championships the USA set fifty-one records in their most dominant performance yet.

Breaking a senior world record is the holy grail of breaking records. Fortunately for us, we were able to witness an enormous number of new senior word records.

Let’s take a look…

New Senior World Records

67 kg Men

LiftNameCountryOld WRNew WRLink
SnatchCHEN LijunCHN153154watch
C+JCHEN Lijun CHN184185watch
TotalCHEN Lijun CHN332339

73 kg Men

LiftNameCountryOld WRNew WRLink
SnatchSHI Zhiyong CHN164165
SnatchSHI Zhiyong CHN164168watch
TotalSHI Zhiyong CHN360362

+109 kg Men

LiftNameCountryOld WRNew WRLink
SnatchTALAKHADZE Lasha GEO217218watch
C+JTALAKHADZE Lasha GEO257260watch
TotalTALAKHADZE Lasha GEO474478

55 kg Women

LiftNameCountryOld WRNew WRLink
C+JLIAO Qiuyun CHN127128watch

59 kg Women

LiftNameCountryOld WRNew WRLink
SnatchKUO Hsing-Chun TPE105106watch
C+JKUO Hsing-Chun TPE136137watch
TotalKUO Hsing-Chun TPE237240
TotalKUO Hsing-Chun TPE237243

64 kg Women

LiftNameCountryOld WRNew WRLink
SnatchKIM Hyo Sim PRK113114watch
SnatchDENG Wei CHN113115watch
C+JDENG Wei CHN141142watch
TotalDENG Wei CHN254257

76 kg Women

LiftNameCountryOld WRNew WRLink
SnatchRIM Jong Sim PRK122123watch
TotalRIM Jong Sim PRK274275
TotalRIM Jong Sim PRK274278watch

+87 kg Women

LiftNameCountryOld WRNew WRLink
SnatchKASHIRINA Tatiana RUS145146watch
SnatchLI Wenwen CHN146147watch
TotalKASHIRINA Tatiana RUS330331watch

Take a look at the rest of the world records here

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