Iranian weightlifter Bahramzadeh Mohsen exceeds the world record snatch

Bahramzadeh Mohsen (IRI 109) Goes 197/237 in Training (Unofficial World Record!)

Meanwhile in Iran… Bahramzadeh Mohsen just exceeded the world record snatch with 197 kg in training, which he followed up by smashing a 237 kg clean and jerk. Though not quite in excess of the world record, 237 kg has only been exceeded in the new 109 kg weight class in competition once by world record holder Simon Martirosyan with 240 kg.

The world standard in the snatch currently sits at 196 kg despite a barrage of attempts to beat it by China’s Yang Zhe and Armenia’s Simon Martirosyan. Perhaps we might now see Bahramzadeh Mohsen added into the mix as a potential breaker of world records.

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