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Dane Miller Interview | Garage Strength, Anatoliy Bondarchuk, and Earth Fed Muscle

Dane Miller is the owner of Garage Strength and the founder of Earth Fed Muscle. Dane has produced two Olympians, has sent 6 athletes to Olympic trials, has produced 17 state champions, as well as 21 NCAA All-Americans. He has trained under some of the field’s finest, including Anatoly Bondarchuck, Zygmunt Smalcerz, and the late Charles Poliquin.

Lessons Learnt from Bondarchuk

We had the pleasure of speaking with Dane Miller on The Weightlifting House Podcast last week. As it turns out, Dane’s passion for the sport of Weightlifting is matched only by his deep knowledge of athlete development. Having spent time working under Anatoliy Bondarchuk, the greatest throws coach ever and author of the book ‘Transfer of Training’, we dove into how Dane has adapted and transferred some of the lessons he has learned from the great man over to the sport of Weightlifting.

Two lessons of particular interest were the constant variation of the classical lifts that Dane employs in search of technical mastery, as well as the different types of ‘responders’ and the subsequent approach to training that these types of athletes must employ.

The Growth of Earth Fed Muscle

Earth Fed Muscle is the supplement company that Dane co-owns. As the name of the company eludes, it strives to provide the healthiest and most natural ingredients to supplement the stressful lives of weightlifters. Dane started this company after receiving a batch of protein powder for his athletes that included only 5 grams of protein per 30 grams. Having realised that he couldn’t trust the supplement companies and didn’t want to risk the careers of his athletes through tainted supplements, he took it upon himself to resolve the issue.

Dane started out by purchasing the various basic ingredients from Amazon and mixing them all in an actual cement mixer from the family farm. Years later and the product line has expanded, they are providing high-quality products for many weightlifters around the world, and best of all they no longer use a cement mixer!

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