Vladimir Safonov Interview on Weightlifting

Vladimir Safonov Q&A (Russian Translation)

Exclusive to Weightlifting House we are finally releasing the Vladimir Safonov interview that Joshua Gibson recorded last year. Until now this video has been available only to our Patreon followers, but we decided we would release it now to the weightlifting community at large.

Time Stamps

  • When you’re looking for (youth) weightlifters to coach what qualities do you look for? (00:05)
  • Who has influenced your approach to coaching during your time in the sport (programming/technique development)? (05:06)
  • Do your athletes ever question your methods? (07:00)
  • (Bar Etiquette) What happens when you step over the bar? (09:49)
  • Was Russian programming influenced by the Bulgarian/Ivan Abadjiev? (11:26)
  • What has been your best and worst moment in the sport? (16:07)
  • Who do you think is the greatest weightlifter of all-time? (17:03)
  • How has your approach to programming/technique changed over time? (18:58)
  • Do you ever use split squats or other unilateral exercises in your programs? (23:09)
  • Have you ever kicked an athlete off of the team? (27:37)
  • Do you have any backroom tactics that you use at meet/Do you intentionally try to screw with your competitors? (28:20)
  • How often do you deload (3:1) or is it just training by feel and pulling back when needed? (29:32)
  • Do you use bodybuild exercises in the training of a weightlifter? (31:29)
  • How do you become a coach in Russia? (33:13)

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