Seb Ostrowicz on Olympic Fever

Explaining Weightlifting to the Masses | Olympic Fever meets Weightlifting House

I, Seb Ostrowicz, got an opportunity recently to be the first point of contact that many people will have with the sport of weightlifting. Most of my conversations these days, fortunately, are with people who are dedicating or have dedicated their lives to the intricacies of our sport. Rarely do I sit down and explain the allure, passion, and basic rules of our sport to complete beginners.

Sitting down with Jill and Alison from Olympic Fever was an amazing opportunity to explain why weightlifting is one of the most intense and gripping sports in the Olympics, and why their audience ought to be watching the finest that weightlifting has to offer in Tokyo 2020.


In this episode we spoke about the two lifts that make up a weightlifting competition: the snatch and the clean-and-jerk. We also spoke about:

  • Weight classes, cutting weight and post-weigh-in eating
  • The incredible flexibility and mobility of weightlifters
  • Who to look out for at Tokyo 2020
  • and of course… doping

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