World Weightlifting Championships 2019 – M102

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The A group snatches saw a lot of made lifts. Four lifters went 3/3 .

Dmytro Chumak (UKR), who was one of the favourites to take medals in this group, struggled a bit. He dropped his opener from 180 to 176 but nevertheless missed it twice. He did get it on third attempt but the missed attempts put a big dent in his ambitions.

Jin Yunseong (KOR) hit 181 after a tremendous battle, rocked right back on his heels in the receive position. Yauheni Tsikhantsou (BLR) missed 182, Jin’s 181 proved to be enough for the snatch gold and he still had one lift left to widen his lead. He narrowly couldn’t get 183 but still took the gold and a slender one kilo lead in the total.

On clean and jerks, there were again a lot of made lifts. All but one lifter got their opener. Only four missed their second attempt.

Samvel Gasparyan (ARM), the snatch bronze medalist, missed his second attempt (216) and stuggled from the stage, likely with cramp. After treatment, he made the clean on his third attempt but couldn’t get the jerk.

Dmytro Chumak (UKR) missed the chance of a total medal when he missed 217 on second attempt. He got it on third however and it was ultimately enough for a clean and jerk bronze.

Yauheni Tsikhantsou (BLR) hit 218 with his last attempt to claim a clean and jerk medal and go into a strong position on total. Both Korean lifters missed 219, leaving Reza Dehdar (IRI) to take 219 for the clean and jerk gold and bronze on total. For the second time in two days, there was some confusion involving an Iranian lifter when a late change meant the jury had to delay the competition while who should lift next was clarified. Today, though, the problem did not affect the Iranian and he hit the 219 to claim a gold medal, rounding off a 6/6 performance.

Yauheni Tsikhantsou (BLR) took the total gold with a consistent performance, making two snatches and two clean and jerks, taking silver medals on the individual lifts.


SnatchClean and JerkTotal
GoldJin Yunseong (KOR) – 181Reza Dehdar (IRI) – 219Yauheni Tsikhantsou (BLR) – 398
SilverYauheni Tsikhantsou (BLR) – 180Yauheni Tsikhantsou (BLR) – 218Jin Yunseong (KOR) – 397
BronzeSamvel Gasparyan (ARM) – 178Dmytro Chumak (UKR) – 217Reza Dehdar (IRI) – 394

A Group Results

NameNationSn 1Sn 2Sn 3C+J 1C+J 2C+J 3Total
1TSIKHANTSOU YauheniBLR175180x182x212213218398
2JIN YunseongKOR176181x183211216x219397
3DEHDAR RezaIRI167172175208217219394
4CHUMAK DmytroUKRx176x176176213x217217393
5GASPARYAN SamvelARM171175178212x216x216390
6HAN JunghoonKORx160160164205214x219378
7BEIRALVAND RezaIRI170x175x176206x214x216376
8KIBANOV AleksandrRUS158163167199204209376
9ARLIONAK AndreiBLR168171175195200x203375
10CHKHEIDZE IrakliGEO163x167x167198204x213367
11USAROV SunnatillaUZB168x173x173190195x200363
12REVA KostiantynUKRx158158x163200x208x208358

A Group Start List

JIN YunseongKOR395
HAN JunghoonKOR380
REVA KostiantynUKR376
USAROV SunnatillaUZB375
KIBANOV AleksandrRUS375

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