World Weightlifting Championships 2019 – M81

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Snatches were very tight in this group, with the lifters all opening between 155 and 168.

Fight of the day so far went to Brayan Rodallegas Carvajal (COL), who needed two goes to stand up with 167 on his third attempt, having previously missed 165. He made the lift though in an impressive display of determination.

Unusually, both Chinese lifters here, Lyu Xiaojun and Li Dayin both missed their openers, giving other lifters hope that they had left the door to the medals open.

After seeing several of his rivals miss lifts, Andranik Karapetyan (ARM) dropped his opener to 168 and made it comfortably.

The Chinese lifters both hit their second and third attempts, ending on an identical 171 for snatch. That left Karapetyan with two attempts to pull ahead and perhaps even attempt a world record.

The second attempt for the Armenian at 172 did not get overhead and he did the same on his third attempt, handing the advantage back to the Chinese. Lyu Xiaojun took the snatch gold as he hit 171 before Li Dayin.

So, snatches finished as tight as they started, with eleven kilos between all of the athletes and just four kilos separating the top four.

There was an interesting diversion between snatch and clean and jerk, with a martial arts performance on the platform, including knives and acrobatic kicks. At least, we hope it was a performance…

Based on the clean and jerk openers, it looked like the medals would be between Lyu Xiaojun, Li Dayin and Andranik Karapetyan, who all planned to start with 200. However, Lyu dropped his opener to 191, apparently struggling with a lower back issue. He got the lift but the lower opener brought several other lifters into the mix for medals. Immediately after making the lift, he was lying on the floor of the warmup room with ice on his back.

Andranik Karapetyan (ARM) also dropped his opener, to 195 and then dropped it on the platform too, missing it. Suddenly this group was up in the air.

So, each lifter came out the platform now knowing that making lifts could put them into a medal position. Antonino Pizzolato (ITA) could not take the opportunity, missing 195 while Zacarias Bonnat Michel (DOM) grabbed the moment, hitting it.

Lyu was not the only one with an injury issue. Ri Chong Song (PRK) was timed out on his 195 opener and then declined his other attempts.

Two more misses for Karapetyan put him out of the competition. Meanwhile, Lyu was still being iced in the warmup area and looked unlikely to play any further part.

Brayan Rodallegas Carvajal (COL), with his trademark whistling, was best placed to take advantage of the snatch medalists stumbling. He hit 196 to move into current first place in the total.

Li Dayin (CHN) kept his cool and hit 198 for his opener. The clean looked hard but the power clean he executed did not seem to challenge him at all.

We then saw a slew of missed attempts. It seemed like the potential of a medal was causing the field to push themselves beyond their capabilities.

Then, Lyu Xiaojun (CHN) came back to the platform at 205, with eighteen attempts having been made on the platform since his opener. In an inspiring display of courage, he hit the lift to set a new total world record at 376. He then limped from the stage clutching his back.

Li Dayin (CHN) came out for 206 to equal the clean and jerk world standard and retake his total medal. However, he couldn’t stick the jerk. he had one more attempt at it. This time the lift was good. The total record was his once more.

Lyu Xiaojun (CHN) would now need a world record 207 clean and jerk to win. He walked to the platform clearly in a lot of pain. He cleaned it, dropped under the squat jerk and struggled to recover. What a lift! He set the clean and jerk and total world records and took gold.

That is the bravest display of weightlifting that I have seen. If Lyu is at the end of his career, what a way to go out!


SnatchClean and JerkTotal
GoldLyu Xiaojun (CHN) – 171Lyu Xiaojun (CHN) – 207Lyu Xiaojun (CHN) – 378
SilverLi Dayin (CHN) – 171Li Dayin (CHN) – 206Li Dayin (CHN) – 377
BronzeAndranik Karapetyan (ARM) – 168Yunder Beytula (BUL) – 201Brayan Rodallegas Carvajal (COL) – 363

New Records

  • World total record – Li Dayin (CHN) 377 (later broken)
  • World clean and jerk record – Lyu Xiaojun (CHN) – 207
  • World total record – Lyu Xiaojun (CHN) – 378

A Group Results

NameNationSn 1Sn 2Sn 3C+J 1C+J 2C+J 3Total
1LYU XiaojunCHNx165165171191205207378
2LI DayinCHNx166166171198x206206377
3REJEPOV RejepbayTKM164x168x169190x199199363
4RODALLEGAS CARVAJAL Brayan SantiagoCOL159x165167196x202x203363
5PIZZOLATO AntoninoITA155160163x195195x201358
6BONNAT MICHEL ZacariasDOM155160x163195x201x201355
7ASAYONAK PetrBLRx165x165x165190195x202195
8KARAPETYAN AndranikARM168x172x172x195x195x195168
9CHOE Jon WiPRK158163x166x190x190x190163
10RI Chong SongPRK155160163x195163

A Group Start List

REJEPOV RejepbayTKM370
LI DayinCHN370
LYU XiaojunCHN365
RI Chong SongPRK365

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