World Weightlifting Championships 2019 – M89

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This might not be an Olympic category but it was a very entertaining, close A group, with most of the athletes opening within a few kilos of each other and every lift counting in the battle for the medals.

In the snatch, Safaa Aljumaili (IRQ) withdrew from the competition with a suspected back injury after timing out twice.

Keydomar Vallenilla Sanchez (VEN) hit a world junior snatch record with 169 on his final attempt. It was also enough for a snatch bronze.

Revaz Davitadze (GEO) used all of the platform, ending up with his toes overhanging the edge of the platform. However, he held on and completed the lift to take the snatch gold.

Clean and jerks were even closer than snatches, with all of the remaining lifters opening between 190 and 200. With such a packed field, every lift was vital.

Most lifters made their openers but around the 200 mark, missed lifts started to take lifters out of contention. Denis Ulanov (KAZ) finished on 195, a long way below the 215 he made at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Revaz Davitadze (GEO) hit 199 but missed 203 on his second attempt and appeared to have hurt his leg. He missed his third attempt to, leaving him with a slender lead in the total but with several competitors still lifting.

Aliaksandr Bersanau (BLR) got 205 overhead but just couldn’t stabilise himself and dropped the weight before getting the down signal.

Ali Miri (IRI) was no-lifted on 207 but successfully challenged the decision and saw it overturned by the jury through use of the video playback technology. That moved him into gold position on total but still a kilo behind Toshiki Yamamoto (JPN) from the B group on clean and jerk. His third attempt at 210 was a deadlift, leaving the Japanese lifter in clean and jerk gold medal position, which he maintained when Hakob Mkrtchyan (ARM) declined his third attempt, happy to have the total gold.

The final results saw the medals being shared between six different athletes, including one from the B group, an indication of how tight the category was.


SnatchClean and JerkTotal
GoldRevaz Davitadze (GEO) – 172Toshiki Yamamoto (JPN) – 208Hakob Mkrtchyan (ARM) – 375
SilverAliaksandr Bersanau (BLR) – 169Hakob Mkrtchyan (ARM) – 167Ali Miri (IRI) – 374
BronzeKeydomar Vallenilla Sanchez (VEN) – 169Ali Miri (IRI) – 207Revaz Davitadze (GEO) – 371

New Records

  • Junior world snatch record – Keydomar Vallenilla Sanchez (VEN) – 169

A Group Results

NameNationSn 1Sn 2Sn 3C+J 1C+J 2C+J 3Total
1MKRTCHYAN HakobARM163167x170204208375
2MIRI AliIRI160165167202207x210374
3DAVITADZE RevazGEO166169172199x203x204371
4BERSANAU AliaksandrBLR160166169196201x205370
5VALLENILLA SANCHEZ Keydomar GiovanniVEN164167169195x200x200364
6ZAREI MohammadIRI165x169x170196x206x207361
7ULANOV DenisKAZ152160163195x200x200358
8MUDREUSKI MaksimBLR160x165x166191196x200356
9HOVHANNISYAN DavitARMx160160x165190195355
10IMADOUCHENE Romain Jordan SebastienFRA153x157x157x199x199200353
11ALJUMAILI Safaa Rashid MahmoodIRQx160x163

A Group Start List

ALJUMAILI Safaa Rashid MahmoodIRQ372
ZAREI MohammadIRI372
BERSANAU AliaksandrBLR371
IMADOUCHENE Romain Jordan SebastienFRA370

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