World Weightlifting Championships 2019 – W55

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A Group snatches were relatively consistent, with most athletes making two of their three attempts count.

There was a successful challenge for Rachel Leblanc-Bazinet (CAN). The jury agreed that her lift was not a press-out, so she got the lift and kept her challenge card. That helped her go 3/3 on snatches. The jury was not so kind to Kanae Yagi (JPN), competing at her tenth world championships, who lost her third snatch attempt on a jury overrule.

Muattar Nabieva (UZB) was the first to lay claim to a snatch medal with 96. That left two Chinese lifters to battle it out for the gold and silver. Liao Qiuyun finished with 98. Her teammate Zhang Wanqiong hit 96 before missing 99 on her second but hitting it on third attempt to get the gold.

There was a potentially nasty injury for Genesis Rodriguez Gomez (VEN). Trying for a snatch medal with 97, the bar looked like it dropped onto her knee. She attempted clean and jerks but was clearly struggling and didn’t succeed with any of them.

Yenny Sinisterra Torres (COL) hit 115 on her second clean and jerk to better the world standard and set a world junior record.

Zulfiya Chinshanlo (KAZ) opened last with 120 but missed it. She got it on her second attempt but the advantage was with the two Chinese lifters, Zhang Wanqiong and Liao Qiuyun, who hit 118 and 120 openers. Chinshanlo missed her third attempt, leaving the Chinese to battle for gold medals in clean and jerk and total.

Zhang Wanqiong hit 123 on her second attempt, raising her third attempt to 126 to bring Liao Qiuyun out at 125. She hit it to retake the lead.

On third attempt, Zhang Wanqiong took 126 but couldn’t stick the jerk, leaving Liao Qiuyun with the chance to attempt to increase her own clean and jerk world record having already secured the clean and jerk and total golds. A fantastic lift, with the jerk looking if anything more comfortable than the clean, did the job and moved her record to 129.


SnatchClean and JerkTotal
GoldZhang Wanqiong (CHN) – 99Liao Qiuyun (CHN) – 129Liao Qiuyun (CHN) – 227
SilverLiao Qiuyun (CHN) – 98Zhang Wanqiong (CHN) – 123Zhang Wanqiong (CHN) – 222
BronzeMuattar Nabieva (UZB) – 96Hidilyn Diaz (PHI) – 121Hidilyn Diaz (PHI) – 214

New Records

  • Junior clean and jerk world record – Yenny Sinisterra Torres (COL) – 115
  • World clean and jerk record – Liao Qiuyun (CHN) – 129

A Group Results

NameNationSn 1Sn 2Sn 3C+J 1C+J 2C+J 3Total
1LIAO QiuyunCHNx959598120125129227
2ZHANG WanqiongCHN96x9999118123x126222
3DIAZ HidilynPHIx93x9393115118121214
4CHINSHANLO ZulfiyaKAZ9093x95x120120x122213
5SINISTERRA TORRES YennyCOLx909094112116x119210
6NABIEVA MuattarUZBx929396x112x113113209
7LEBLANC-BAZINET RachelCAN868991x108108110201
8ERSHOVA SvetlanaRUS8891x92106109x112200
9SHERMETOVA KristinaTKMx838386107x110110196
10YAGI KanaeJPN8385x87107110x112195
11RODRIGUEZ GOMEZ Genesis LourdesVEN93x95x97x113x113x113

A Group Start List

LIAO QiuyunCHN220
DIAZ HidilynPHI220
ZHANG WanqiongCHN220
ERSHOVA SvetlanaRUS213
YAGI KanaeJPN206

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